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                      June 16th 2009 is the official launch date for the new HD-CCTV Alliance; a technology described as
The Next Generation of Surveillance" with "All the Benefits of Digital and with the Simplicity  of Analog", high definition video
surveillance is now set to take off in a big way. Using broadcast-industry-compliant, high-definition video (HDCCTV) signals which are transmitted
digitally over conventional CCTV media  (RG-59U, fiber optics); there is no compression packetization or perceivable compression latency using this
advanced technique.
The most important  benefits of HD-CCTV besides it 's Hi-Res from point of view of installer and
end users is in it's simplicity - it is plug and play upgrade.   Compared to IP Cameras HD-CCTV
is a plug-and-play upgrade that requires only changing the existing DVR's and selected
Cameras. Therefore HD-CCTV is applicable to every CCTV installation as a zero-training in
resolution upgrade. Every application where the live view matters is a candidate for upgrade from
Low Res or IP to HD-CCTV, because the live view is significantly  better than a compressed IP
alternative or Low Res.  And let us not forget the IT managers concerns about overloading their
existing networks. CCTV  will be staying where it belongs - Coax, Fiber or Cat-5

In the beginning of 2010 Navcom will be unveiling a new line of Hi-Res and HD-CCTV  Cameras
along with a new line of DVR;s including HD DVR's

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