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* Eight hardwired zones standard, expandable to 120 V-Plex addressable points/zones or 128 wireless points/zones
* Can control eight separate areas independently (8 partitions)
* Supports Panel-Linking allows up to 8 systems or building to be controlled from one central location (using VA8200)
* Supports Commercial UL Wireless Fire and Burg
* Stores up to 512 events and can accommodate 150 user codes
* Supports V-Plex addressable VistaKey access control (1 to 8 doors)
* Supports up to 16 doors of access control using VISTA Gateway Module (VGM)*
* Supports CCTV applications with the new VistaView-100 CCTV Switcher Module
* Identifies the point or zone of a fire or alarm using the new FSA-8/FSA-24 Fire System Annunciator
* Programmable to meet SIA false alarm prevention specifications and UL approval for ANSI/SIA CP-01-2000 order part number  
* Two on-board notification (bell) circuits delivering 2.3A @ 12V or 3.4A @ 24V
* Automatic smoke detector sensitivity maintenance testing
* Four-wire smoke reset using onboard J2 output trigger
* Supports Dynamic Signaling for LRR backup
* Supports Remote Control via the Internet**
* Supports Internet Alarm Reporting**
* Supports Graphical User Interface Consoles
* Supports up to 250 access card holders using VistaKey
* Supports AlphaNumeric Pager up to eight different numbers using the VA8201

* Connects to Honeywell Access’ PassPoint Access Control Systems. Maximum 32 doors.
** When used with AlarmNet-i.
Commercial Fire and Partitioned Burglary Alarm Platform
Designed to integrate seamlessly with CCTV, access control and Honeywell’
s full range of fire and burglary components, the new VISTA-128FBP
provides the ultimate protection of life and property. The UL listed
Commercial Fire and Burglary Control Platform controls up to eight
partitions and supports up to 128 zones/points using hardwired, wireless
and V-Plex® addressable technologies. A diverse line of Honeywell
initiating devices, notification circuits, digital dialers, keypads, RF
receivers and relays are supported by this extremely powerful control
platform. The VISTA-128FBP has been designed to mount quickly and
easily in an attack resistant cabinet, and is available in 12V and 24V
models. A revolutionary new feature called Panel Linking allows multiple
partitions, panels—even buildings—to be armed, disarmed and have status
checked all from one location.

UL Approved  Central Monitoring  Services.
Navcom Corp. P.O. Box 901 Jackson, NJ 08527  732-833-2288
Digital Cellular Communicators deliver secure, reliable and complementary
digital communications via the GSM (Global System for Mobile) network. Our
use of Dual-Path GPRS service with SMS backup provides substantial benefits
to protect your investment
This ground breaking communications solution offers full data reporting and
uploading/downloading with most Honeywell control panels. In addition, with
on-board zone inputs and optional dialer capture capability, we’re compatible
with other manufacturers’ security panels as well.
We are Fully  Insured
NJ State Licensed
and Permitted
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Gemini-C Commercial Addressable/Conventional 255-Zone Burglary System; Supports
full line of new GEMC Commercial-rated conventional, addressable or wireless devices
simultaneously on from 8 to 255 zones, with partitioning. UL Merchantile.

GEM-C Combination Burglary/Access/ Fire System; UL 864, 9th Edition - Award Winning
System Judged to be the Best in Fire/Life Safety by SIA 2011 Isolated commercial Burg.
/Access and Fire buses and option for separate burg/access battery backups-- easy
calcs., ideal for AHJs. No costly extra Bus Isolator or Loop Isolator modules required!
Integrates with GeminiAccess ACM Module. Uses familiar Quickloader Up/downloading
and Gemini style keypads in burglary or fire models..

■More zones – 255, 128 or 32 points
■More power – 7 amps
■More NAC's – Up to 4 on board
■Built in strobe/horn synch
■More standby power
■32 Amp hour battery capacity
■Regulated 24V output

NAC Extender provides nearly 7A and 4 onboard NACs with up to 2A ea; up to 16Ah total
battery capacity. Easily distributes synched bell and strobe outputs with built in module.
Monitors AC, battery trouble, tamper and ground fault on Napco bus or provides
universal FACP support.