16CH H.264 Stand-alone Security digital Network DVR     DS-LSDHDVR-1612

•Non-PC stand-alone security digital video recorder with embedded operation system
•Mobile monitoring
•Audio and video recording and play back at the same time with D1,half D1 and CIF resolution
•Support NTSC/PAL video system
•16CH video input, 1CH monitor output, 1CH spot monitor output
•1CH VGA output
•16CH audio inputs, 1CH audio output
•High quality image, brightness contrast,sharpness and color adjustable for each channel
•Support auto sequence display
•Display modes:  PIP,FULL, QUAD. 9SPLIT,16SPLIT
•Recording modes: continues  recording, manual recording, schedule recording, sensor
recording and motion recording
•Image quality and bit rate: highest, high, standard, low
•Detailed event log support
•Searching modes:time/date searching, event searching, urgent searching
•Support fast forward and rewind: x2, x4, x6, support jog-shuttle operation
•Backup modes:
network backup, USB backup, DVDRW backup
•Support RS-485PTZ control(speed dome camera), and preset positions operation
•Support USB mouse and infrared remote controller operation
•Support 4 SATA port HDD
•16CH alarm inputs, 1CH alarm output
•Upgrade mode: USB upgrade, network upgrade
•Support TCD/IP and DHCP
•IE browser monitoring
•Network viewer tool for monitoring, playback, setup, upgrade and log viewing
•Support email and DDNS
•Multiplex operation:live/recording/playback/network can be operared at the same time
•Telemetry network control: live view, playback, recording and so on

•Compression Format: H.264
•Video System: NTSC/PAL
•Video Input: Composite 1.0vp-p/75ohm, BNC16
•Monitor Output: 1.0vp-p Composite 75ohm, BNCx1 monitor, BNCx1 spot
•VGA Output: Analogue RGB 60 Hz, 800x600,1024x768, 1280x1024
•Resolution: NTSC(720x480), PAL(720x576)
•Audio Input: -8db 22kohm, RCA connector 16
•Audio Output: -8db 3 k, RCA connector 1
•Alarm Input: 16
•Alarm output: 1
•Recording Frame and Resolution:
-CIF: 480fps/352x240(NTSC), 400fps/352x288(PAL)
-1/2D1: 240fps/720x240(NTSC), 200fps/720x288(PAL)
-D1: 120fps/720x480(NTSC), 100fps/720x576(PAL)
•Playback frame rate:
-CIF: 480fps(NTSC), 400fps(PAL)
-1/2D1:240fps(NTSC), 200fps(PAL)
-D1:120fps(NTSC), 100fps(PAL)
•HDD Port: SATA hard disk x 4
•Network Port: 10M/100M/1000M Ethernet port
•Mobile monitoring: Windows mobile, Symbian, ipPhone
•Email for alarm: Support SMTP server
•Confidential Function: Password Protection
•Power Supply: DC 12V/5A
•supports up to 4x 1TB HDD
•Power Consumption(No HDD):15W
-Operating Temperature: 0 to +55 degree C
-Humidity: 10~90%
16CH H.264 Standalone Security Digital Video Recorder With VGA Interface, PAL:720x576(D1), NTSC:720x480(D1) Recording rate
PAL:100fps(D1), NTSC:120fps(D1),-CIF: 480fps/352x240(NTSC)
,Support windows Mobile and iphone monitoring, IR Remote
Controller and USB Mouse Control, Support DDNS and Network Real Time Remotely Control
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